Sunday, May 25, 2008

John Henry - told by Jesse Williams

My story is about John Henry. John Henry was a steel driller at an underground railroad. Every day he would drill steel plates and he drilled 24 plates in one hour. The day came and a salesman came to give John Henry a big yellow steel driller machine. It could drill faster than any steel drill. So John Henry started to drill to see if the machine would work. So it was a deal and John Henry started to drill again. The crowd started to cheer, so they cheered and cheered and cheered until it was a great comotion. What the crowd didn't know was that John Henry was on the ground with a big bang. Then the crowd stopped cheering. A guard rushed over to his side but was too late. The greatest driller in the railroad was dead.

A Stranger At The Door - told by Jessica Walsh

This story is about a fisherman and his wife who sail across the bay in their tiny boat and make a house. When they are finished the house, they get disturbed almost every night by a mysterious stranger...

Why Dogs Chase Cats - told by Christopher Somerton

My story is about why dogs chase cats. Cat said to Dog that she was too sick to make supper, but Cat lied.

James Curran's Ghost - told by Caitlin Lacey

My story is about a man named James Curran and when he died his ghost came back to haunt the mean old priest. I hope you enjoy the story!!!

Jack Guards The Door - told by Anthony Johnson

Jack guards the door for his mom when she goes out to do some grocery shopping!

Jake's Ghost - told by Sean Hewitt

My story is about a girl named Elizabeth who finds out about her boyfriend's upcoming death.

When the Sun and the Wind had a contest - told by Leon Hayward

My story is about when the sun and the wind were arguing about who was stronger. The wind had an idea to take the coat of the traveller on the road.